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Westborough Reading Group
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
Group status: Disenchanted

We are students from Westborough High School. Ours is a mixed group which involves year 7,8,9 and 10. There are about 10 in the group and we all are keen to read. All of us read the books and then we discuss them in a meeting on Thursday lunch time. 2011 is our sixth year of shadowing and we really enjoyed reading the longlist. But we are not thrilled with the shortlist this year - so much so that we have decided to create our own.

Westborough High School
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
Eastborough Stars
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
The Community Science College @ Thornhill
The Book Borrowers
Do you approve of swearing in teenage books?

Yes, it makes the story more vivid and true to life
Sometimes, if it fits with the story
Definitely not, it has a bad influence on young budding authors
Authors could choose other language
I find it rude and inappropriate