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Notre Dame High School
Group status: eating ice-cream and grooving...

Some members of the book club, daydreaming about books!

We are Notre Dame's best (and only) Book Club - ('That's so cheesy!' - M). In no particular order, here is a list of random things we like: cats, blue, taylor swift, millie's cookies, yellow, michael jackson, purple, paramore, white, books, red, books, team edward, black, you me at six, team jacob, books, we the kings, green and books. We read 24/7 and we're all very special people.

3A2 Carnegie Readers
Hillhead High School 3A2
Cleveden Secondary School
Hillhead High School 3A1
How did you choose which book from the shortlist to read first?

That's easy - I liked the cover!
I thought the blurb sounded interesting.
I read a bit and I wanted to
A friend recommended it to me.
I've been wanting to read this book for ages!
It was the only one left!
Title: The Little White Horse
Author: Elizabeth Goudge
Illustrator: C Walter Hodges
Winning Year: 1946

Maria says " This is a really good book .. its funny and has alot of adventure. It's about a girl called maria who goes living with her uncle .She understands that shes the next moon princess basicually thats it .. ohhh and she meets a boy that she use