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Christ's Shadowers
Group status: Raising our voices in passionate discussion over our current favourite!

The 2018 Christ's Shadowers

Year 8 (+ a few Year 7) students who love to eat, read and discuss the shortlisted Carnegie books! We are diverse, a bit eccentric and have a passion for reading. See our video, blog and reviews to find out who we are, our interests and what we think of the Carnegie books! Shout out to our librarian, Mrs Garrett,for her dedication, being awesome and most importantly giving us food! Here is one of our blog posts: Hello again! Today, we had another meeting, and we finally decided OUR FAVOURITE BOOKS! They came in this order: 1. The Hate U Give 2. Beyond the Bright Sea (the author's favourite) 3. After the Fire Check out our group page for reviews and more - and please like our video because WE LIKE LIKES! We also all took part in an activity where we had a pile of lines from the books, some were first lines and some were last lines. The first lines had to be matched to the last lines and then we had to work out which book was missing from the game... It was Rook! (Also the boys matched all the lines first, but the girls worked out the missing book first!) Posted on: 23 May 2018

Nicholas & Aaliyah

Grey Court School
Ham, Richmond upon Thames
KHS Shadowers
Richmond Readers
Richmond upon Thames, Surrey
Which was YOUR favourite Carnegie 2018 book?

After The Fire
Beyond the Bright Sea
Saint Death
The Hate U Give
Wed Wabbit
Where the World Ends
Title: Just in Case
Author: Meg Rosoff
Winning Year: 2007

15 year old David Case thinks that fate is out to get him. There are so many things you could do in life such as reinvent yourself, change your name and the way you look; leave home and find yourself caught up in a series of strange misadventures and even