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Wyedean 2018 Words of Wisdom
Group status: D Day has finally arrived and we will be waiting with bated breath for the big announcement at lunchtime! The books this year were challenging emotionally and some will stay with us for a long time! THANK YOU to all our dedicated shadowers and all the "wo

We love our weekly meetings and all this reading reading reading!!!

Hello everyone We are a group of about twenty intrepid book lovers (not everyone made the photo shoot!) but we have been convening in G4 weekly for the last few weeks to discuss the Carnegie shortlisting combination with the UKLA long list. They are both such interesting and varied lists so why not join forces and combine all our shadowing activity into one big book fest. We love how we have had such varied opinions on some of the book titles (particularly Where the World Ends and Wed Wabbit!) but variety is the spice of life and it would be boring if we all loved the same books! We hope that you enjoy our selection of reviews and huge thanks to Mrs McManus for the fun we have had at our meetings and giving us the chance to read these unmissable books! May the best book win and may the library continue to supply us with these brilliant books to enhance our studies.

Wyedean Super Shadowers 2019
St John's Shadows
Chepstow, Monmouthshire
Chepstow Chatterbooks
Wyedean School -JK Rowling Library Shadowers
Title: Salt to the Sea
Author: Ruta Sepetys
Winning Year: 2017

It's early 1945 and a group of people trek across Germany, bound together by their desperation to reach the ship that can take them away from the war-ravaged land. Four young people, each haunted by their own dark secret, narrate their unforgettable stori