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Wootton Upper Carnegie 2019

Group status: Reading our first book of the shortlist...

We are a group of 10 boys, all enthusiastic about reading. We meet every Thursday to discuss all things Carnegie, as well as devour the weekly bowl of sweets! We are led by Miss Chatley and Mrs Blunt, and welcome anyone else who enjoys reading!

Miss L Chatley (Library Manager)

A Skinful of Shadows by Daniel
this is a great book that is about a young girl trapped in the home of her ancestors trying to survive and how she finds an unlikely friendship in a g . . .
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Long Way Down by Spoiler alert (written by Kerrar)
Long way down is about this person whose brother dies and he goes to seek revenge yet he sees his dead family in the elevator and we are left on a cli . . .
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Long Way Down by Uncle Fin
Long Way Down follows William Holloman, who is trying to get revenge because his brother gets shot. It is written in . . .
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Bone Talk by Freddy
I really enjoyed bone talk because from the start of the book it gets straight into the story. . . .
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Rebound by Udoka
I think this book was fantastic it was enticing fun to read. I found the poem style was fun and also quick to read its good for busy students who love . . .
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Rebound by cam
i like rebound as its a really good book its sad when he looks about his dad so i think his dad died so it a sad story but how it set is really good a . . .
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Rebound by Aston
In my opinion rebound is a good book but is hard to get to know because of the way it is written. I look forward to reading more and maybe getting to . . .
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Long Way Down by Aaron
long way down is an amazing book.The front cover is nice.i like how it is set out,it is different compared to the books i usually read. . . .
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Rebound by Patrick
This book is really cool. The way Kwame Alexander begins to present the characters, like Charlie and CJ. I also like the layout of the book as it make . . .
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Based on the front cover, which book would you choose as the winner?

The Land of Neverendings
A Skinful of Shadows
Bone Talk
Long Way Down
The House with Chicken Legs
Things a Bright Girl Can Do
The Poet X
Title: Buffalo Soldier
Author: Tanya Landman
Winning Year: 2015

Charley, a young African-American slave from the Deep South, is freed at the end of the American Civil War. However her freedom is met with tragedy after her adopted mother is raped and lynched at the hands of a mob, and Charley finds herself alone wi


Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander is a poet, children's book author, playwright, producer, public speaker, performer, and winner of the Newbery Medal for his novel-in-verse, The Crossover. He conducts creative writing workshops in middle and high sc . .



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