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Warwickshire SLS
Group status: Warwickshire schools are meeting for the Carnegie Celebration this Thursday, and the Greenaway Celebration this Friday! The Warwickshire winners will be announced as well as the official winners! Should be lots of fun!

Warwickshire SLS co-ordinates shadowing groups for both awards across the county. There will be an author event for Carnegie groups and a celebration event for both at the end of June.

Sydenham Primary School
Leamington Spa,
The Carnegie Kings
Our Lady & St Teresa's
Leamington Spa,
The Kingsley School
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
A good Greenaway shortlist?

We LOVE it!
We like it.
We don't mind it.
We don't like it!
Title: Skellig
Author: David Almond
Winning Year: 1998

Michael's baby sister is ill. Her condition becomes life-threatening and the family faces the nightmare of an operation to save her life. Michael turns to his new friend Mina and the strange being, Skellig, who has been living beneath the crumbling garag