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Hub Library Dundee

Group status: We are a group of about 10. We are currently waiting for the winners of the shortlist to be announced.We meet every Monday after school. And we all love it!

Reading Group members voting for the Greenaway prize

We are the current members of the Hubbabubba Book group and we are currently working on our newsletter which we produce twice yearly. In it we report on the things that we have done over the year such as reading, reviewing and voting for our favourite of the Greenaway shortlist. We also take part in the Radio 2 500 words competition which we really enjoy doing and we have also taken part in The Journey competition.

Helen Christison

Douglas Bear Book Group
Whitfield Children's Reading Group
Fintry Library
Which of these books had the best illustration ?

Diary of a wimpy kid Dog days.
My funny family
Otter chaos
Best friend Bakery pumpkin and spice
Brocoli boy