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Langley Grammar School
Langley, Berkshire
Group status: I might rename us The Rubber Duck Club as this is the first prize for submitting a review
Advertised via Book Group and posters in the Library we do not officially meet but key members are also members of Langley Library Book Group

The House with Chicken Legs by Catherine
The House with Chicken Legs was, in my opinion, a really good book however short it may be. I found that the book had an interesting plotline and it i . . .
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The Land of Neverendings by Anoosh
I really enjoyed this book because it was very imaginative as it included many intriguing events. This book had a very thrilling storyline and I enjoy . . .
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The Poet X by Lovin
This book by Elizabeth Acevedo has brought me into a rollercoaster of emotions that I feel anyone who reads this book will experience. Through the use . . .
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Long Way Down by Catherine
This book was not to my personal liking because it was in my view poorly written. Some people may like how the book is written in "poetry"but it seems . . .
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The Poet X by Rebecca
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and as I kept reading wanted to read more and more. This book is written in a poem format and this made the book more i . . .
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Slough Grammar School
St Bernard's Convent Grammar School
Slough, Berkshire
Churchmead C of E School
Datchet, BERKS
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The Games
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Title: The Family from One End Street
Author: Eve Garnett
Winning Year: 1937

There is never a dull moment in the lively Ruggles family. From capable Lily Rose, whose good deeds don't always go to plan, to Mr Ruggles who is a dustman and Mrs Ruggles who takes in washing, down to prize-winning baby William. The seven Ruggles ch