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Group status: We're off!
Collectively know as 'The Libriomancers', we meet after school every Monday in the Library with our Librarian, Mrs Carter. We always enjoy the element of anticipaton and the excitement of reading and debating on the books we are reading. Our highlight each week is when we each take a turn in reading aloud from the Greenaway books. This is always such fun! We shall celebrate the results with our final tea of chocolate cake and a special treat, and reflect on the winners. (So far, ice cream is high on the list of treats!)

Our fabulous librarian!

If you could choose a series to be the villain in, which one would it be?

Harry Potter
Skulduggery Pleasant
Hunger Games
How to Train your Dragon
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Bartimaeus Trilogy
Title: Ruby Holler
Author: Sharon Creech
Winning Year: 2002

Such a beautifully narrated story about twins Dallas and Florida. They find joy and peace after they leave the orphanage. Such a wonderfully 'happy ever after' story.