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Mrs M, Christ Church Critics

The Lost Words

The Lost Words had me intrigued from the moment I held this over-sized book my hands. Lost words?! Are there words as well as animals that are near extinction? Ready to answer the call to arms, I opened the first page and discovered that this was no ordinary book - it was a spell book... The acrostic poems are so lyrical it is difficult not to want to read them aloud, yet it is the works of art that adorn its pages that will leave the reader truly spellbound. The effect of the gold leaf background brings the work of early medieval manuscripts to mind and at the same time inspires a fresh approach to nature drawing - scientific and painterly at the same time. And what are these lost words, I hear you ask -- be prepared to be moved by their simplicity and the heart-breaking knowledge that our children no longer reference words like fern, ivy, and heron. To test the author’s premise, I asked a group of well-read children, happily at work crafting away in an after school club, what a ‘conker’ was and the confident response was: “Someone who fights and wins.” Yes, this book fulfills a definite void and implores us all to repeat the incantations so beautifully presented in this admirable book.

Posted on: 3rd April 2019 at 07:35 pm

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