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George, Book Chasers

Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Things a bright girl can do is a historic book about the women’s right to vote. It follows three young women from different backgrounds all fighting for what they believe in. Evelyn is the first girl we meet. She is smart and from a rich family and wants to go to Oxford. Her parents tell her it is a waste of money and so she doesn’t get to go. She then joins the local protesters to gain same rights as men to go to Oxford. May is the second girl and she is an only child from a rich background. She is close with her mother and often gets what she wants. She attends a protest where she meets Nell- the third girl. Nell is poor and has jobs to do to eat but is willing to pay her life for the women’s vote.

The book follows the three women as they continue there fight for the vote.
I thought it was a good book but a little slow going at the beginning.

Posted on: 9th July 2019 at 07:15 am

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