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Jada, Loreto College

Wed Wabbit

This is an exciting and humorous story bonded together with adventure and humour. It is all about a young girl, Fidge, who is thrown unexpectedly into a strange world of Wimbley Woos- after an unexpected accident.
It is now Fidge's responsibility to bring peace and harmony back to the land of Wimbley Woos.
I found this book quite funny but mostly quite childish, it was extremely funny hearing about Fidge's first reaction to all the strange creatures and her huge quest! However, its feature of the creatures was quite tedious to read about, I found myself questioning whether is was most suitable for younger readers. I would rate this book 3/10 as it may have been humorous and exciting at times , but this book seemed never ending as the childish theme failed to match my likings, thanks !

Posted on: 17th May 2018 at 10:01 am

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