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Dana, Fully Booked


It's wonderful to have a Barrington Stoke book among the short list nominees. The books have been the mainstay of school library quick read collections for many years now and the concentration of quality authors writing them has guaranteed a quality reading experience for readers at any level.
This is a story of coming of age and second chances wrapped round the rescue of a wild bird. The characters are well drawn and believable largely through the use of action rather than words. The family past comes out slowly through use of the plot. The introduction of Jenny is an opportunity to bring out the family breakdown and Dad's difficulty coping in the past. Likewise aspects of Kenny's special needs come out as the story progresses from finding the Rook to telling him bedtime stories.
My only reservations were aspects of the plot. I found it hard to believe that young people still find it socially acceptable to bully those with special needs and get away with it at school. And Sarah as a character seemed a little too perfect to be believable with her understanding of her brother's motives and behaviour and Nicky's situation. I could say the same of the ending, but that would be giving too much away!

Posted on: 6th November 2018 at 02:41 pm

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