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Dana, Fully Booked


Oh no, another Patrick Ness book on the Carnegie Short List. I dread reading his books so much now that I make sure that I read it at the beginning of Shadowing to make sure that I can relax and enjoy the rest of the short list. Release has not lessened my initial feeling of dread. I am sure that the topics in this book are very important and very current – drug addiction, domestic abuse, homophobia, sexual harassment and gender issues. But, topics do not constitute a story or plot. And is there any resolution or release in the end? Adam goes home and work to who knows what, Enzo and Angie get on with their respective lives and who knows where that leaves Linus and Adam. Which was a real shame because the characters were very well drawn and believable. Angie was an amazingly supportive friend, Enzo too good to be true and the reader could really sympathise with Adam’s relationship with his family and Linus.
Interleaving the plot with a mixture of fantasy and realism did not work for me either. They seemed to be two very separate stories only drawn together by a drowning and a party at the same lake. In the end, I didn’t see how the two stories connected and found myself rushing through the fantasy chapters to find out if there was a plot to the realism chapters.
A very frustrating, unsatisfying read. At least I won’t have to read another one until next year.

Posted on: 6th November 2018 at 02:42 pm

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