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Dana, Fully Booked

Where the World Ends

The darkness of this year’s short list continues with Where the World Ends. I was impressed by the way McCaughrean describes the world on Warrior Stack. From the initial arrival with the ‘summer plenty’ the hunting and storing of the birds all following the time long traditions of the island to the deteriorating conditions endured by the group as their time on the stack grew from a few weeks to when they seemed to be abandoned. You could smell the birds and the increasing dirt and filth. There was no pretending that time would stand still, the boys feet grew and shoes had to be swapped and adapted. Clothes disintegrated and had to be mended and filled with feathers for warmth.
The ‘smell’ and the importance of stories reminded me very much of Philip Reeve’s Here Lies Arthur which won the Carnegie some years ago and was the first book I predicted as a winner. I’ve one more book to read and this is by far my favourite – could it be the winner this year?

Posted on: 6th November 2018 at 09:11 pm

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