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Lilly, BSG

Long Way Down

This is a extremely interesting and clever novel which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading!
The entire book take place following the aftermath of a shooting involving Will's bother, who is shot and killed. At this point Will decides to do what he has be brought up to do: follow the rules. No snitching. No crying. Get revenge.
So he grabs his late brother's gun and enters the elevator to kill the man he believes responsible. However, while in the elevator his conscience manifests itself into 6 characters, who's lives had all been significant to Will's life and help him process the tragic event. Unfortunately, there lives had been cut short by the pulling of a trigger...
at this point, Will begins to question whether he want to follow the rules anymore but time is running out. With each floor that passes and with each character that visit, he needs to make a decision before the doors open and he must get out!
I believe that the structure of the book reflex the tense atmosphere of the story as it is written in free verse and in very short sentences which helps create a very tense atmosphere and because the sentences are often short makes it feel like it's will's thoughts coming and going - very effective!
Overall, I found this book positively thrilling and would recommend it to everyone.

Posted on: 22nd April 2019 at 09:56 pm

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