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Eleanor, St Helen and St Katharine

The Land of Neverendings

While being a little childish, The Land of Neverendings is a beautiful story filled with kindness, friendship and teddy bears. Emily, the main character, used to tell her disabled sister stories about a made-up land named Smockeroon. Holly loved these stories, especially since they always centered around her favourite teddy bear, Bluey. However, since Holly died, Emily has had no one to talk to about anything, especially because her previous best friend, Maze (Maisie) has gone off with the most popular girl in school. Emily feels lost and alone, until she meets Ruth. Ruth is an adult, a friend of Emily’s parents, who can identify with Emily’s struggles since she lost her only son, Daniel, when he was a teenager. The toys are visiting Emily in the middle of the night, and Ruth is the only person who doesn’t think she’s crazy. What Ruth and Emily have in common is that
Over the course of the next few weeks at school, Emily makes two new friends, who each own one of the main toys featuring on this story. Martha has bought a teddy bear who works at the Seam Rite Factory in Smockeroon; Maze (with whom Emily is now friends again) already owned an excessively naughty and mischievous rag doll who was the beginning of their nursery fantasies.
Something is coming to light about Smockeroon which Emily and the toy-owners must fix as soon as possible. The Sturvey, a mysterious entity who governs Smockeroon, seems to have disappeared. Many of the toys are hurting each other and wreaking havoc, which before was impossible in Smockeroon, and an evil black toad is always to be found at the scene of the trouble.
There is, however, a major obstacle. The children and Ruth cannot help the Sturvey unless they know where his teddy bear body is in the human world. Eventually, Bluey manages to send a message with the Sturvey’s whereabouts, and they endeavour to find him. The Sturvey thrives on imagination, so will their combined thoughts be enough to defeat the toad? Will there once again be peace in the happy realm of Smockeroon?

Posted on: 23rd April 2019 at 09:36 am

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