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Poppy, St Helen and St Katharine

Long Way Down

Will is heartbroken when his older brother, Shawn, is shot in the street and living by the three rules passed down by generations, he sets out, a gun in his pocket, for revenge but when takes a long, fateful elevator ride, ghosts from his past, including his brother, appear at every stop and give him advice along the way but the question is, what will he decide to do when he reaches the top?
This book is also written in verse and it didn’t take very long to read! It was a very good book and really represented the strength of sibling love and how far you’d go to avenge someone you loved. The layout of this book was cleverly written in the poem sort of way and the plot was quite short and easy to understand and it didn’t go on and on! I wasn’t really sure what actually happened in the end so maybe the author could have made what Will chose to do, more clear as it is quite a key point in the plot! Apart from that, the author finished the book really well.
The author doesn’t explain that much about the other characters in the book or where and when the story is set but makes it so the reader can work it out themselves. Will acts in his character throughout the book, wanting to be as good as his older brother and is constantly I awe of him which is one of the aspects that drives his to avenge his brother! The book has quite a dangerous and violent mood to it which is quite scary at points as people seem to think nothing of shooting each other. There does not seem to be any police or medical help anywhere!
This was a really great novel and I think the author wrote it really well!
Rating: 7/10

Posted on: 23rd April 2019 at 09:50 am

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