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The Poet X

Poet X is relatable as many youngster have to deal with the crushing pressures of society. I myself as a child with religious parents can relate to scenarios in this book. As a girl society expects us to be a certain be obedient but when Xiomara rebels (well in her parents' eyes)and she sees the world for what it is, for once, actually decides to live. During her journey, Xiomara she both breaks and rekindles a relationship with her proud mother.

This book deserves to win as many young people will be able to realate to the main themes.It deals with themes such as young love, religious beliefs and strict parents. Xiomara lives in a violent suburb and she is surrounded poverty everyday.
She experiences what many kids world wide live in everyday and when she finds her release it's almost as though she is helping others through there own personal problems.

Dominican culture consists of strong minded people all fighting to get by and raise their kids in a positive environment despite the negativity surrounding them. Children might think they are being strict to spite them but they are actually trying to protect and support them no matter what. By the way if you read this and think I'm a feminist I'm not I just have certain views based on my own experiences. Peace.

Posted on: 12th June 2019 at 02:29 pm

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