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Dixie, Deptford Dazzlers

Long Way Down

While its cover and dramatic blurb might suggest a crime thriller, Long Way Down is a compelling and moving book that seems to create a category all of its own. Written only in free verse, this book is,from the beginning, easy to read, portraying the main character who (this isn't a spoiler!) loses his older brother to gun violence. With a slightly generic beginning, this book took a shocking turn that, though at first I found confusing, I never would have expected and it makes the rest of the book ‘un-put-down-able’. I loved how you can slightly predict the pattern of what will happen next but it still comes as a shock nonetheless. The poems add another layer of exactly how the main character is feeling and helps to put you in his shoes. Whilst I found the ending slightly anti-climatic and possibly could be interpreted as unsatisfying, I thought it was perfect and it left a clear message the whole book had been building up to, while leaving me in awe

Posted on: 17th June 2019 at 05:51 pm

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