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Katie R, Glossopdale, Kim's Carnegie Crew

A Skinful of Shadows

I had several mixed feelings for “A Skinful of Shadows.” On one hand, the story was interesting and had several creepy and intense atmospheres which hooked me as a reader. However, some parts we’re over-explained in my opinion and could have been explained in a simpler way. I found that the characteristics of some of the characters made them seem a corrupt character, which I felt I did not agree with. The plot and the story will be memorable for me as it was an enjoyable read at some parts in the book. One criticism I would give to the book is the change between the characters in “Makepeace’s” head as it was confusing to grasp which character was talking. Overall, I enjoyed the book to an extent and the story itself is interesting and dramatic which grabs the reader and draws them into the book.

In my opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed the bonds between the characters and the conflict that they faced. Furthermore, the growth in the bond between Makepeace and James grew as they improved their trust in one and other- developing themselves and growing as brother and sister. I found reading the parts in which they bonded was calming and uplifting as they grew together throughout the book. Also, the way the ghosts were presented was disturbing at some parts which made me feel involved in the book because of the way it was described. In several scenes with the ghosts I perceived that I was watching what was occurring which added to my pleasure of reading the novel.

This novel also takes place in the time of the civil war, making it fiction yet adding a fragment of history. The way the scene is shown represents the conflict at that time and I felt it really added to the book ounces of excitement and thrills to several of the chapters which build up the tension. By doing this, it allows the reader to become interested in the current events which are taking place. Religious aspects are also included in this book as “Makepeace” is a protestant and was barely accepted into her hometown. In addition, I found that this book delved into a range of different subjects, which is always a good thing to see in certain types of books as it can impart knowledge to the reader. Overall, I was neutral and indecisive about my emotions on this book as it was harder to grasp because of the contrast in the genre. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in horror-like stories.

Posted on: 17th June 2019 at 07:41 pm

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