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Grace, St Augustines Catholic College

Long Way Down

15 year old Will just watched his older brother get shot and die. Determined and vengeful he now feels that he must follow "The Rules" that were passed down to him from his brother and get them back. Will takes his brothers gun and goes down to the lobby in the elevator. During this trip down, Will encounters the people of his past trying to prevent him from making their same mistakes.
Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds is written in verse, I enjoyed this style of writing, as there was a flow and rhythm that enhanced the story line. Reynolds had written this story so that it could be read in less than an hour and so that anyone could read it no matter if you liked reading or not.
Whether people realise it or not, the story of Will is many young adults lives in the real world. This is what makes the story so crucial as it allows the reader to see how another person’s life is. I feel that this is especially important for children nowadays as they cannot truly acknowledge how harsh another person’s life is and the Long Way Down shows this perfectly.
Some of the themes in this book are loss, grief, gun violence and decision-making. I think that it was really important for Reynolds to show these themes in this book as they shine a light on reality as terrible as it can be sometimes. The different characters that Will meets whilst in the elevator tell a moral to the reader to learn from others mistakes and move on leaving resent and anger in the past.

Posted on: 17th June 2019 at 08:37 pm

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