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James, Sheldon Shadowers

The House with Chicken Legs

I found that the House with Chicken Legs was a fairly good read but wasn’t especially engrossing.
I liked the fact that the plot and narrative ideas weren’t conventional as this book was about someone trying to escape their destiny rather than find it. The unusual choice of using Russian folklore and the even more unusual choice of turning this idea upside down and adding extra dimensions to the characters worked extremely well; Baba Yaga is typically portrayed as an evil old witch but here is shown as a kind and misunderstood grandmother. This story is about Marinka, who soon would need to guide the dead on her own, wishing for a normal life and trying to control her own future.
I’m not always a fan of dramatic irony and thought that there were places where it was overused. It can be frustrating when character does something wrong that is preventable. In the case of this book, we already know it won’t go well if Marinka befriends living people because of the trouble it could lead to. Overall, I thought that the ideas behind this novel were interesting but I wasn’t entirely gripped when reading.

Posted on: 17th June 2019 at 09:52 pm

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