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Shebbear College, Devon

It is absolutely amazing. I suggest everyone reads this because it makes a good read.. . .
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Hardenhuish 2019 Carnegie Group

In a Skinful of Shadows, we follow a young girl named Makepeace as she discovers a dark and evil sec. . .
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The Wormery

wow, I really enjoyed this book! I would give it a 4 out of 5 because I really liked it and the desc. . .
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Winchmore School

This book has good potential but it was badly written. The storyline was very interesting and unique. . .
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Amy C

Witchford Wonders Carnegie, Cambs

Skinful of Shadows was one of my favourite books once it got to the end. I was not a fan of the firs. . .
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Sheldon Shadowers, Wilts

A Skinful of Shadows was an excellent book, using rich description and vivid imagery to convey the h. . .
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Katie R

Glossopdale, Kim's Carnegie Crew

I had several mixed feelings for “A Skinful of Shadows.” On one hand, the story was interesting and . . .
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Glossopdale, Kim's Carnegie Crew

A Skinful Of Shadows is a dark and mysterious novel written by Frances Hardinge. The troubled mai. . .
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Coleridge Book Fiends

A skinful of shadows is one of the most challenging books amongst the 8. I would not say that this i. . .
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Exeter School, Devon

A Skinful of shadows was an extremely thrilling and creepy book, every page sent shivers down my spi. . .
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