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Isabella A

Riddlesdown Collegiate

I really enjoyed this book because the story line was very easy to understand and I felt empathy for. . .
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Forest Hill School Yr8s

The story "The land of neverendings" follows the story of Emily after her disabled sister, Holly, di. . .
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Ashcroft Technology Academy

It is a really nice book. It isn't too sad but it isn't the happiest book with the happiest ending.. . .
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Faringdon Community College, Oxon

The Land of Neverendings wasn't my favourite out of the ones that I read. It took a while for me to . . .
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St Clement Danes School

Land of Neverendings is an exciting book, all about toys, imagination and a broken door between 2 wo. . .
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White Hills Park Trust

I really enjoyed this story, more than I thought I would. I found it quite emotional at some points . . .
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Swanshurst School

In this review there are spoilers! “The Land Of Neverendings” is a book of which I was unsure: . . .
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St Catherines Catholic School

I think The Land of Neverendings was an outstanding book. I really like the way the author mixes ima. . .
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Fitzharrys Shadows

The Land of Neverendings, by Kate Saunders, is about a young girl called Emily. Ever since Emily’s s. . .
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Benjamin C

Witchford Wonders Carnegie, Cambs

The Land of Neverendings is a great book that takes you through a journey of imagination and brings . . .
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