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Great Marlow School, Bucks

This book was absolutely amazing. It gripped me from the very first page. It is about a young girl w. . .
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Limpets, Orkney

The House with Chicken Legs is about a house which, two or three times a year, gets up and walks aro. . .
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Mrs B

The Scary Librarian Reading Emporium, Wiltshire

Love this book!!! With all the Baba Yaga stories available where Baba is often portrayed as an e. . .
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The Hertfordshire and Essex High School

When first looked at “The House With Chechen Legs” I thought that it was going to be boring, and I’l. . .
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St Bede's Inter-Church School

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was fun and creative. Also, at the same time the writer's plo. . .
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Grindon Hall Christian School

I really enjoyed this book because it had a good storyline. It is one of the best books I have ever . . .
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Fitzharrys Shadows

'The House with Chicken Legs,' by Sophie Anderson, is a story about a young girl, Marinka, a 13-year. . .
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The John Mason Readers

The House With Chicken Legs Sophie Anderson Moving and heartwarming Marinka dreams of a norma. . .
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The House with Chicken Legs is a compelling book with an engrossing story-line and a gripping ending. . .
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Moiz S

Tunbridge Wells Grammar School For Boys, Kent

The “House With Chicken Legs” is an immaculately crafted and exciting tale. Sophie Anderson has been. . .
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