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Limpets, Orkney

I read up to chapter 7 in Bone Talk. I liked the book after I got past the tree of the bones chapter. . .
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Mrs Harris

Kingdown Karnegie

This story is set in the Philippines at the end of the nineteenth century with glimpses into the cul. . .
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Grindon Hall Christian School

This book is quite unlike any I have read before - then again how often is it that you read books de. . .
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Witchford Wonders Carnegie, Cambs

When the story starts, Samkad is most worried about receiving the Cut(something similar to circumcis. . .
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Fitzharrys Shadows

The book Bone Talk is about a boy called Samkad (who is about ten). He wants to become a man so he c. . .
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The Wormery

I really enjoyed this as it transported me to a place and time I know little about. The physical lan. . .
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Witchford Wonders Carnegie, Cambs

Bone Talk follows the story of Samkad. Samkad is a boy in the Philippines 100 years ago who is about. . .
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Overall, I found Bone talk a very interesting and well written book. It's plot is quite long and bui. . .
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Mrs Conlon

Palmers Green High School

I was very keen to read this book after hearing Candy Gourlay talk about it very recently at a confe. . .
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Finchley Catholic High School

I highly recommend this book as it gives the reader an insight of primitive tribes and rituals. It s. . .
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