Shadowing in your area: Eastern

The Hewett Academy Norwich
Group Leader: Susan Garratt

Group Status: Another great selection- the books are flying off the shelves. Will Finn be first to finish them all though??!

..We're shadowing again for the 9th year running, and pretty excited about this year's titles. First impressions of the books are very positive indeed.

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Judge Eastern: Ruth Keys

I have loved books since I was very little and one of my fondest memories is receiving a hardback copy of The Magic Faraway Tree from my parents.

After leaving school I worked at my local library in Ellesmere Port before moving on to a research library in Capenhurst. I have worked in various roles over the years, working in early years and primary schools in London and the Cambridge area, until 6 years ago when I became the Librarian of Linton Village College.

My passion for reading, and encouraging students to read for pleasure, found a home at LVC. During my time at LVC, I have been involved with the organising committee for the Linton Children’s Book Festival, to help children of all ages to engage with books and participating authors. For the last few years we have had a CKG shadowing group at LVC to get students directly involved, and it has been great to see their engagement and enthusiasm. My other passion is illustration, and I shared this with the students by hosting an illustration club on a weekly basis.

I have two dogs, several grown up children and a patient and lovely husband who is very supportive of my reading and fascination with books. I am absolutely thrilled to be a CKG judge and I am so looking forward to it.