Shadowing in your area: London

Group Leader: Ms Ward

Group Status: It's over. We've had the party. 35 Y8s have been returned to period 4 full of sugar and e numbers. Such passion this year - some were almost in tears when their favourite didn't win! You have been BRILLIANT and I'm so proud xxx

..Fortismere's Carnegie Group is made up of Year 8 students. We meet once a week just to touch base and have a chat if we want. Let's see if we can beat the number of reviews posted in the past couple of years.

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Judge London: Emerson Milford Dickson

I am a career librarian in my late thirties, American by birth, and hold a MSc in Library and Information Science from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Following several years working as a reference librarian and archivist in Boston, I returned to my hometown in Georgia to originate the post of Young Adult Librarian at my local library, where I was responsible for collection development as well as planning and delivering a wide range of activities for young people aged 11 to 18.

Love tossed a spanner in the works, and I emigrated to north-east England in 2006, marrying my husband, Chris, the following year. Soon after, I was hired by Stockton Borough Libraries, where I quickly became involved in a number of initiatives aimed at young people, including Stockton Children’s Book of the Year and the Northern Children’s Book Festival. Following government cuts, the much-beloved branch library I managed was shuttered in early 2014; encouraged by friends and colleagues, I decided to try my hand at school librarianship, and accepted my current role at Forest School in NE London in June of that year.

2018 marks my eighteenth year in libraries, and twelfth working directly with children and young people to encourage a love of reading for pleasure. My work and educational experience have equipped me to become a Carnegie Greenaway judge – to read widely, and broadly, with a critical eye, and with an appetite for excellence – and I am delighted to have been chosen to join the panel for 2019/20. My guiding professional philosophy is that anyone who walks into my library should be able to find a book in which they can recognise themselves; I hope to use my experience as a CKG judge to help ensure that my pupils and teachers continue to have access to a diverse range of quality literature.