This toolkit has been put together to highlight good practice in an accessible and readable way for shadowing group leaders based on 'what works' for the groups that we have visited over the past two years. Where we can we have turned information gathered on our visits into suggestions of things to do in practice alongside practical examples of what groups have been doing in a case study format, with plenty of quotations and examples.

The toolkit is organised into four sections:

Shadowing_Toolkit_1 1. CKG shadowing group: A sense of belonging

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Shadowing_Toolkit_2 2. Learning through dialogue: CKG discussion

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Shadowing_Toolkit_3 3. The CKG scheme as part of the wider reading culture

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Shadowing_Toolkit_4 4. Reaching the hard to reach: diversity and 'hard to reach' groups

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK

Each toolkit also links to a related video of the shadowing groups in action.

The information contained in the toolkit is based on and links to a larger research report, written by Joan Swann and Teresa Cremin at Open University and funded by the Carnegie UK Trust. Read the full report here.

We hope that you find the toolkit useful and that it inspires you to continue to develop your shadowing group. We recognise the great work that happens in shadowing groups and want to continue to champion our amazing network of shadowers and shadowing group leaders! Happy Reading! Please let us know what you think:

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